You may wonder why this website does not show more. We are in an event driven time. Fast connect, fast trash. To try to keep a central web presence actual and giving substance as well has become difficult. So we don’t even try. REZSKY is the anchor for the Metaverse to happen.

The sas edition, May 2019 you find most easy at Blurb for print and at ISSUU to scroll online right now. There is also a PDF provided for download where the pictures come in low-res.

No #2, the wu-edition is out on issuu

You ask, “Is there a song to listen when you start to read?” TRUE LIFE, begins behind the border. If you don’t read REZSKY you will never reach DEEP WATERS.

Part of the lyrics by VNV Nation:

The sun arises but you can’t see
There is no touch that makes you feel
You trap yourself inside an awful dream
You locked the door and lost the key
True life begins behind the border
That exists inside your head
You will never reach deep waters
And get away from there
[ … ]