You may use email to contact REZSKY. The default one is info (at)

Also you may contact Kunst Blue via phone +491712077087

In some countries a website needs in addition an imprint, so the visitor of the website is able to sue the editor. If I would post that I live in Tovalu, which is a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, an important one, because the climate change will lead to the extinction of this state and the 11,192 inhabitants [2017 census] will have to find a new home, then, yes then no one ever would sue me. The travel costs to the high court are immense and you can be sure the King of Tovalu will rule in my favor.

Reiner Schneeberger, Dorfstr. 14, DE 04416 Markkleeberg


You may ask why I take all the risks not setting in a limited company, maybe Halcyonia Ltd? Maybe I did not risk anything, because this page is not even a top level domain?

In The Gods of Informatics you find some answers. There you can read that even CBS gave up when I claimed “BEAM ME UP SCOTTY” as a company name and connected the domain for a client. There you will find more how decisions in court and inside companies are made. Indeed they are not made there, they are made BY THE UNKNOWN.