The Journey Begins

REZSKY deals with changes in the Digital Anthropocene when it comes to life and the arts. REZSKY is featuring Avatarkunst. Art that you explore as an Avatar. This is a new kind of Art, digital immersive art, so a new word was needed. NSK, the stateless state has stated that it shall be the word Kunst. You ask, “Is this not the German word for Art? The country that created, censored and burned Art? Now it shall be the term for a recreation of Art? An artform where we lose our real body?”

We raise our hands and bodies to the peak
Into the Universe – towards the stars we go
Machines we are sending to the skies
Above us all
And leave behind those who don’t know

[Laibach, B Mashina]

You are right. We leave our bodies behind. That is why the word Kunst is so well suited. It has all the power in it you need for change, to create a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk.’ Instead of writing endlessly on the contradictions, watch the retrospective of Laibach, the frontier group of the New Slovenian Kunst movement, performed at Tate London in 2012.

Laibach at Tate London

REZSKY is published by Kunst Blue, the first Avatar who was granted a passport to switch effortlessly between different worlds.

REZSKY is a printed magazine you can get online or as a PDF download. The content is hosted by BZZZT.ORG and AUTOMATIC using WordPress Gutenberg. The security certificate is issued by BLUEHOST, Salt Lake City, USA. A backup is hosted by REZ.CX using Easy WordPress provided by NAMECHEAP, Phoenix, AZ, USA, the second biggest hosting company worldwide.

This blog entry was created for the launch of the first issue of REZSKY, which happened on May 23, 2019 in the Surreal Art Gallery [in the virtual world] and at Schulberg Gallery, New York at 1:00 PM PDT.